We believe that the environmental crisis
has reached the planetary boundaries.

The current take-make-waste system and linear economy are broken and it will be physically impossible to continue growing and producing exponentially in the future years.
Our mission is to awaken people’s consciousness about the way that we consume exploring sustainable solutions and positive business, 
supporting the climate fight and inspiring a real change.
Using our voice and sustainability at the core of everything we do,
we create visual narratives to make this revolution possible.
As activists, Udde supports environmental groups and work with projects and collaborators with a common vision of the future and transparency.

Our first story was documented during a road trip around the East Coast in Australia, September 2019. A 10% of the total the profits were donated to the Orangutan Foundation, an organization committed to protect the tropical forests and orangutans in Indonesia.
In August 2017 we had the pleasure to visit the Reserve in Borneo and see their work.

Do you want to be part of the movement? ︎

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